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UltraEdit 简体中文注册版  by烈火


软件作者:IDM Computer Solutions, Inc

UltraEdit 是能够满足你一切编辑需要的编辑器。UltraEdit 是一套功能强大的文本编辑器,可以编辑文本、十六进制、ASCII 码,可以取代记事本,内建英文单字检查、C++ 及 VB 指令突显,可同时编辑多个文件,而且即使开启很大的文件速度也不会慢。软件附有 HTML 标签颜色显示、搜寻替换以及无限制的还原功能,一般大家喜欢用其来修改EXE 或 DLL 文件。

  • New scripting functionality:
    • UTF8ToASCII() - converts UTF-8 file to ASCII
    • ASCIIToUTF8() - converts ASCII file to UTF-8
  • New macro functionality:
    • UTF8ToASCII - converts UTF-8 file to ASCII
    • ASCIIToUTF8 - converts ASCII file to UTF-8
  • Find/Replace improvements
    • Better handling of Perl regex results in Lines Containing Find String window
    • Better highlighting of Perl regex matches in Find in Files output
    • Selecting text and pressing Find/Replace hotkey updates Find/Replace string when dialog is already open
  • Syntax Highlighting improvements
    • Improved highlighting of nested block comments
    • Improved syntax highlighting with word wrap
    • More flexible Comment Add/Remove
    • Better writing of custom highlighting colors to wordfile
  • Improved handling of saving multiple files to FTP
  • Improved performance when selecting text in large files
  • Improved handling of file paths with multi-byte Unicode characters
  • Improvements to Explorer tab in File View
  • Several translation/localization improvements in non-English versions
  • Files created via command line respect default line terminator setting
  • Specific fixes for issues, including:
    • Fixed drag and drop editing issues
    • Fixed Undo/Redo issue with restoring data
    • Fixed Comment Add / Comment Remove with leading whitespace
    • Fixed issue where toggling column mode closes Lines Containing Find String dialog
    • Fixed auto-correction of word while word is still being typed
    • Fixed issue where clicking "Cancel" to save changes prompt gives focus to wrong file
    • Fixed issue where characters inserted via Alt + numeric keypad don't display properly in UTF-8 file
    • Disabled tag insertion when in hex mode
    • Fixed issue where Shift + Double Click doesn't highlight all selected if "Use presistent highlight all" is disabled
  • Various other improvements and enhancements







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